Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jonah Didn't Join "Save the Whales", Either

I particularly enjoyed Dan J. Fahbach’s WISDOM FROM JONAH in the December 22, Review. He makes the timely observation that even in the Old Testament, there are stories that illustrate that God is a God of all people not just Israel. It was particularly interesting to know that as recently as eighty years ago Moslem worshipers in Mosul, Iraq, practiced three days of fasting in honor of the Fast of the Ninevites. There is also a place of worship in Mosul called the Mosque of Nebi Yunus, the mosque of Jonah, a shrine of great sanctity.

However, one concluding sentence should have been omitted, “Yet he forgives whom he wills and destroys whom he wills.” This is an Old Testament idea that is diametrically opposed to Jesus’ revelation of the character of God.

NOTE: Cartoon by Richard Guindon from his book, "Together Again".

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