Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder

March 2008

The cover and general layout of the magazine is excellent. MCM Design Studio continues to do an excellent job. The news from around the Union is informative, newsworthy, and generally well written. However, I would have appreciated a picture of the GENTRY GYM DOME that when reassembled will become the Loma Linda Spanish church until their 1200 seat sanctuary is built.

On March 17, 1965, Adventist College students, Paul Cobb, Will Battles, Fernando Canales, along with Milton Hare participated in the third, Martin Luther King led, Selma to Montgomery civil rights march. Bill Knott, Editor of the Adventist Review, and Milton Hare told that story to students at Pacific Union College in a 2007 presentation honoring Dr. King. Knott commented: "What troubled me about the story is that it took me 40 years to hear it." The program included an apology by President Richard Osborn for the college's past racial policies.

The lead story, TEAM TREATS IRAQI INFANTS HEART, is a saga yet to be completed of Christian love for one little boy and and his parents, Feris and Vivian. Loma Linda University Medical Center agreed to be responsible for the $218,000 cost of care, and the celebrated infant heart transplant pioneer, Leonard Bailey and his team, have made it possible for baby Kirillos to live past his fourth birthday. A relief organization in Canada has given permission for this homeless family to emigrate and apply for citizenship.

Sandy Wyman Johnson is dedicated providing a program that ensures that the employees of Adventist Health Systems believe that their work is a sacred calling. Her motto: SACRED WORK PROVIDES WHOLE PERSON CARE.

The essay, SHOULD ADVENTISTS VOTE? by Alan J. Reinach, Esq. provides a context for some the objections to political activism voiced by Ellen White. Reinach makes a convincing argument for voting the issues. He goes on to caution "we [Adventists] ought to refrain from letting political issues undermine our unity in Christ. Some of us have become so aligned with a political party that our political zeal exceeds our love for Christ".

The SONscreen FILM FESTIVAL CALLS SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HOME. "Upcoming festival activities and events included the outstanding film screenings each evening by talented Adventist/Christian filmmakers from around the nation and the global community." The film, SECRET OF THE CAVE produced by students of Southern Adventist University has been picked up by a major distribution so the film is in national store chains like Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, and at Best Buy.

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