Saturday, June 7, 2008

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder

June 2008

This issue really does connect the Pacific Union Adventist Family as the cover byline suggests. The stories are upbeat, informative, and well written. Design and graphics are excellent. A good-faith attempt has been made to include the names of all the people in photographs!

Reports indicate that all across the Union, individual members and church entities are making a positive contribution to their communities. School and organizations sponsor mission trips that enable students to get involved in community projects in the U.S. and around the world.

These first-hand experiences help students to see themselves as citizens of a world in crisis. This kind of community involvement makes it possible for students to appreciate their own educational opportunities. And it seems to be working! La Sierra University’s Cognitive Genesis report indicates that students in Adventist schools “outperform their peers in public and other private schools” across the country.

Editor’s Note
Props to the Pres. Ricardo, your editorial was carefully crafted and well written. I particularly appreciated the following enlightened and thoughtful comment. “Jesus articulated a mission statement that is still applicable through His body, the church. The mission isn’t just about us—it also involves the vindication of God’s character against Satan’s claim that God is not just and that humanity needs no law [of love].”

I must also congratulate the robotics teams from my town! I have been a strong supporter of Chico Oaks Adventist School for over thirty years, and it comes as no surprise to me that two of the four teams sent to the Adventist National Robotics League Championship are the teams that competed from Chico Oaks. We have an outstanding teaching and support staff, K—8, and a principle that any school, anywhere, public or private, would award a lifetime contract. Rick Nelson has my vote for Administrator of the Decade!

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