Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder

July, 2008
Vol. 108, No 6

In general this issue is newsy and of general interest. However, I'm not crazy about the cover. I'll bet Davina Woods isn't either. The angle of the photograph reveals that she's missing four front teeth. The editorials of Ricardo Graham and Jim Peterson are more personal than usual. I hope the trend continues.

Since the Recorder sent without charge to nearly 75,000 Adventist homes in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah, and it can be read for free in its entirety online. I will not review every news item, editorial, and essay.

Therefore, I’ve decided, at least for the next few issues, to award only Bouquets and Black Eyes. (Bouquets for well-written, uplifting pieces of unusual interest; black eyes for reasons explicit with each award.)

Martha Havens’ Northern California report, Former Librarian Helps Children Develop a Love of Reading

Betty Coony’s account of the life of an Adventist Major League baseball scout

Black Eyes
Donna Tungesvik’s quote in Lodi-Fairmont’s An Afternoon in Asia community outreach piece: "A lot of our guests were non-Adventists, in one case, atheist. . . A number of guests, including the atheist, have asked to be invited again."

Larry Unterseher, as the new president of the Nevada-Utah Conference, it would have been refreshing if you had introduced yourself simply as the new guy with a lot to learn.

Let’s Talk About Depression by Dynnette Hart and Bonnie Meyer is well written, objective, and informative.

Zoei Toh became a worldwide Adventist singing celebrity at sixteen months. Over 5,500,000 people, including my wife and me, have listened to her sing The Lord's Prayer. It's a You Tube treat!

Black Eyes
Alan J. Reinach, Esq. argues that same-sex marriage challenges religious liberty. What he really objects to are laws that forbid "religious people" from discriminating against homosexuals and unmarried couples.

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