Monday, August 10, 2009

Freedom for SDA’s to Discriminate

“Where gay marriage is viewed as a fundamental right, it may well over-ride the right to religious freedom of expression and practice.”

“What does this have to do with religious liberty?” Barry W. Bussey, Executive Director of North American Religious Liberty Association and Nicholas Miller, Director of Andrews University Religious Liberty Institute ask this question in this June 8, letter sent to North American Adventists.

It has nothing to do with religious liberty. It has to do with protecting the right of SDA’s to discriminate against homosexual couples in the workplace, the doctor’s office, Adventist educational institutions, and married housing. What is infuriating is the use of the pronouns “we” and “your” and “our” which assume that all SDA’s share this phobia.

Consequently, the North American Religious Liberty Association has been added to my list of religious “arms” of the Adventist Church supported by the membership’s tithe and offerings that provide continuing evidence that Adventism is a sect rather than a Christian denomination. (The “other arms” include the Adventist Theological Society, the Biblical Research Institute, and the Geoscience Institute.)

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