Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Dedication Prayer

Our children need no introduction
You knew and loved them before the creation of the world.
It is we who have just been introduced.
It is they who are the solution to the mystery
It is they who are the miracle
It is they whose beginning
Signals anew the mystery of life

It is not in our power to dedicate them
Dedication to something or someone
Is a rational act that will take place
As it did with Samuel
When they are able
When and where the choice becomes
Theirs to make

It is, however, in our power to dedicate ourselves
This Christmas
To work to create a loving family
A community of believers
A country
A world
That will enable them
Prompted by the Holy Spirit
To make choices
With reason unclouded
By foolishness or impulse
Ignorance or revenge
Bigotry or hatred

As followers of Christ Jesus
We believe that the Gospel is
The Way Things Really Are
The Truth
The Light
And the Way

And if we are successful
In surrounding them with a community
In which love and reason prevail
We will assist them
In choosing a life
And a life’s work
That will honor your gift of life to them
And Christ’s gift of life to all of us.



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George Graham said...

This is a beautiful prayer. Thank you.
George Graham