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Christ's Parables for Today

Published by Grace Connection, The Magazine
© 1999
By Sakae Kubo


This book is gratefully and affectionately dedicated to my wife, Hatsumi, who has been my faithful and loving companion in all my years of service. She has been a self-sacrificing loving mother to our four children, Wesley, Paul, Charlene, Calvin. (Paul died as the result a baseball accident when he was fourteen.) Hatsumi, above all, has lived out the sermons I have preached better than I have so that people knew that they were not some idealized impossibility. Her Christian life has been a constant inspiration to me, especially her loving, active concern for people in need. Her unselfishness and constant urge to give herself and things to others amazes me even now. She is happiest when she is doing something for others.

Editor's Note

I first heard the name, Sakae Kubo, when I was on sabbatical, teaching at Chester College in the United Kingdom. At the time he was the president of Newbold College. Steve Thompson asked me to be part of an education seminar there and offered his home for my family's weekend stay. Sakae was out of town, so I was not able to meet him. Steve was very impressed with Sakae's leadership. He also informed me that Dr. Kubo was not only an outstanding president, but that he had a wonderful wife; was the author of a Greek grammar, in addition to a number of Bible based books for the lay reader; a brilliant linguist; and a highly respected New Testament scholar. In addition, and most important to me, he was beloved and highly respected by students and faculty. Steve's admiration for Sakae made a deep impression.

When I learned that Sakae and Hatsumi had moved to Chico, I made it a point to get acquainted. To my delight, everything Steve Thompson had said was true. I consider it a great honor to have been given permission to serialize Sakae's book, Christ's Parables for Today, in "Grace Connection, the Magazine."



I. Introduction

II. The Nature of the Kingdom

1. The Four Soils

2. The Seed Growing of Itself, the Mustard, and the Leaven

3. The Tares and the Net That Caught Fish of Every Kind

4. The New Patch, The New Wineskins, and the Old and New Wine

5. The Children in the Marketplace

III. The Cost and Value of the Kingdom

6. The Empty House

7. The Unfinished Tower and Unprepared Army

8. The Hidden Treasure and The Pearl of Great Price

IV. Candidates for the Kingdom

9. The Lost Sheep and Coin

10. The Gracious Father

11. The Lost Brother

V. Prayer in the Kingdom

12. The Importunate Widow and the Friend at Midnight

13. The Pharisee and the Publican

VI. Forgiveness and Grace in the Kingdom

14. The Unprofitable Slave and the Gracious Master

15. The Unmerciful Servant

16. The Two Debtors

17. The Good Samaritan

18. The Two Sons

VII. Judgment in the Kingdom

19. The Rich Fool

20. The Rich Man and Lazarus

21. The Unproductive Fig Tree

22. The Cruel Vine Dressers

23. The Wedding Feast and the Banquet

24. Without a Wedding Garment

25. The Sheep and the Goats

26. The Wise and Foolish Builders

VIII. Second Coming of the King

27. The Watchmen, the Steward, and the Thief

28. The Unjust Steward

29. The Ten Virgins

30. The Talents and the Pounds

Sakae and Hatsumi Kubo live in Chico, California and are actively retired. Dr. Kubo holds degrees from Andrews University, Andrews University Theological Seminary, Western Michigan University, and the University of Chicago. He has been a Professor of Biblical Languages, Biblical Greek, and New Testament Theology as well as Seminary Librarian. He has taught at Andrews University and Walla Walla College. He is a past President of Newbold College and retired from the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Atlantic Union College. He has written numerous books and articles. Dr. Kubo is a member and active supporter of Grace Connection.

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