Thursday, April 8, 2010

Killer Plants

Once in a while, I challenge Adventist scientists and theologians of every stripe, to explain how a certain biological phenomena came to be.* Currently, Adventist scientists are taking a beating for their silence concerning whether or not the earth was created in six literal twenty-four hour days. It may be that these belligerent theologians and biblical literalists are ignorant of the workings of the natural world. Perhaps if they were better informed, they would be a little less enthusiastic in their persecution of their fellow Adventists who must take that world into consideration on a day-do-day basis.

So, in an attempt to test this theoretical possibility, I challenge any of those critics of Adventist scientists who know the Truth about creation to explain when, how, and why this plant was created.

"Like figures in a shadow theater, silhouettes of prey show through a Philippine pitcher plant. The waxy surface in the red tube stops bugs from climbing free. Below, enzymes leach nutrients from trapped insects."
(Killer Plants, March 2010, National Geographic Magazine)


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