Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reviewing Adventist Today

Fall 2010
Vol. 18, No. 4

This issue is a sickening disappointment. The cover creature is repulsive, and the evolution vs. creationism debate is a silly, poorly articulated religious squabble over whether or not death occurred on this planet before Adam and Eve ate the apple. Take my advice and skip both Newman’s defense of the biblical assertion that sin came first and Taylor’s tedious recounting of the geologic evidence that organisms died millions of years before humans appeared on the scene.

TRUMP CARDS FOR CREATIONISTS by Beatrice S. Neall is not a report from a scientific authority; she’s a retired Bible teacher. Her “trump cards” are a compilation of citations from creationist publications and websites.

Science is science and religion is religion. I say enjoy the benefits and excitement of scientific inquiry and decide the philosophical truths regarding existence and meaning for yourself. Neither of these activities should disqualify you from calling yourself a follower of Christ or an Adventist.

In his editorial, COUNSEL FOR ELDER TED WILSON, David Newman makes a similar argument. “If revival and reformation is to come to our church, then Christ must be the focus of everything we are and do, not the special truths of the Adventist church.”

One bright spot in the issue is TIME FOR THE LAITY TO TAKE OVER by Milt Erhart.

“If the Adventist Church in North America is to survive, at least two changes should take place. First, each local conference’s structure should be folded into its respective union conference. The savings to the North American Division would be between $50 million and $70 million annually. Second, the local church should combine church expense and tithe as one and pay 10 percent to the union conference, plus 8 percent into the retirement fund.”

“Our unnecessarily employed religious hierarchy consumes funds that could be used to put Adventist education within reach of many loyal parents. . .When a conference official visits your church, just remember that his salary is the reason Adventist education is so expensive.”

CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC by Nancy Canwell is an appeal for Adventist adults to stop freaking out when their kids groove to weird riffs and loud bands.

In his essay, AN ADVENTIST CLAPHAM? Alden Thompson describes the Clapham Circle, a small community outside of London, that transformed the manners and morals of English culture in the 18th century. Then he relates their story to the Adventist community. “By God’s grace [Adventists] could break out of our sectarian isolation and make a difference in the world.”

Marcel Schwantes' 7 QUESTIONS interview with Cindy Tish, Associate Director of the Ellen White Estate, reveals the variety of ministries supported that institution. Dr. Tish is also a featured blogger on the AT website.

ADVENTIST MAN reveals the “ultimate authority in Adventism”.

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