Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reviewing the Adventist Review

June 23, 2011
Vol. 188, No. 18

Due to a variety of factors, time and old age being two of them, my future reviews will be limited to comments and reflections. I am counting on the Internet address provided to supply a brief summary of the content of each Review editorial, news release, and article. Once again, I suggest that Adventist members subscribe to the Review. “You snooze, and you loose” the opportunity to contribute to and influence a fellowship of eternal importance.

Twenty-year-old Yoselin Perez Ramirez, as student a Montemorelos University was murdered in a failed kidnap attempt. There is now an Adventist church in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Loma Linda Medical School graduated its 10,000th student. And there was a Media Summit sponsored by NAD in Ontario, California.

There were three contributors in this issue that rang my chimes: Kimberley Luste Maran’s editorial, LIVE UP TO THE BILLING confronted the dangers of congregational hypocrisy (chime), SLEEP APNEA REVISITED by Drs. Handysides and Landless educated readers on sleep apnea and breast cancer (2 chimes), and LIFE INTERRUPTED a Peter Landless autobiography, was a fascinating revelation (4 chimes)!

There were two contributors whose efforts were clunkers. Someone known only as Ceasar wrote the lead editorial, BABEL BUILDING, without help from a competent editor (clunk). However, the most disappointing article was by Michael W. Campbell. His ADVENTIST THEOLOGY COMES OF AGE was a brief, superficial piece that lacked any intelligent discussion of the issues confronting the delegates at the 1952 Bible Conference. The most important Adventist theological conference in the 20th Century deserved better (4 clunks)!

HODDE, Erwin F.—b. June 29, 1918, Cincinnati, Ohio; d. July 19, 2009, Greeneville, Tenn. HOFMANN, Dorothy June “Dottie”—b. July 12, 1927, Nevada, Iowa; d. Mar. 19, 2010, Sunland, Calif.
HUNT, Roger W.—b. July 12, 1919, Bravo, Mont.; d. June 8, 2009, Avon Park, Fla.
HUTTON, Barbara Aileen Twiggs—
b. Aug. 21, 1927, Gentry, Ark.; d. Dec. 9, 2009, Grants Pass, Oreg.
KYAMBADDE, Stanley B.—b. July 21, 1927, Namulesa-Kyaggwe, Uganda; 
d. Feb. 7, 2010, Kampala, Uganda.
LING, Irene—b. July 22, 1917, Kulangsu, China; d. Apr. 6, 2010, Loma Linda, Calif.
MEDFORD, R. Foster—b. Apr. 6, 1923, Coleman, Mich.; d. Dec. 29, 2009, Grants Pass, Oreg.
MEYER, Earl G.—b. Nov. 15, 1916, Beaumont, Calif.; d. Jan. 21, 2010, Ceres, Calif.
MOORE, Arthur Bryson—b. Nov. 17, 1918, Los Angeles, Calif.; d. Apr. 15, 2010, Loma Linda, Calif.
PEARSON, Rex—b. 1920, Durban, South Africa; d. Dec. 12, 2009, Cheltenham, England.

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