Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reviewing the Adventist Review

May 10, 2012
Vol. 189, No.12

WORLD NEWS AND PERSPECTIVES is an important section of each magazine. I don’t usually report on its contents because it is available at the online address I provide with every review. However, this issue proves the exception.

This issue is awarded a B+. A high percentage of writing is interesting and well written. If you usually skim the Review, pause long enough to check out MISSION TO CITIES and the five articles I review.

Ansel Oliver reports: Adventist leaders identify 24 global cities for evangelism efforts.

“Top regional Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders identified 24 cities that will receive targeted outreach efforts, the next step of a plan voted by church officials last year to focus on urban area ministry worldwide.”

Cities Identified for Urban Ministry Emphasis by Division:
East-Central Africa Division: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Euro-Africa Division: Prague, Czech Republic; Geneva, Switzerland; Hamburg and Munich, Germany; Vienna, Austria
Euro-Asia Division: Kiev, Ukraine;  Moscow, Russia
Inter-American Division: Mexico City, Mexico; Caracas, Venezuela; 
Bogotá, Colombia
North American Division: New York City, United States
Northern Asia-Pacific Division: Tokyo, Japan
South American Division: Buenos Aires, Argentina
South Pacific Division: Sydney, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand
Southern Africa-Indian Division: Ocean Division: Luanda, Angola
Southern Asia Division:  Mumbai, India
Southern Asia-Pacific Division: Manila, Philippines
Trans-European Division: London, United Kingdom
West-Central Africa Division: Lagos, Nigeria

Women and their words by Gina Wahlen is a MUST READ. It is a well-written history of the women who were and are in administrative and editorial positions on the Review. Includes their pictures.

LIVER HEALTH by Allan R. Handysides And Peter N. Landless is also a MUST READ, especially for those of us who are overweight.

I keep thinking that Dixil Rodríguez’s writing can’t get any better, but it does! TIMING IS EVERYTHING is another gem and another MUST READ. The occasion: a trip to a very special grocery store with a very special lady. Dixil’s work is worth the subscription price!

Kristin Smith’s THE RESET BUTTON is the story of a ”life changing epiphany” and “supernatural intervention” orchestrated by her washing machine.

Monte Sahlin’s new monthly contribution has a new, and more appropriate name: TOOLS OF THE TRADE. He suggests two new lesson helps, Jesus: The Journey Begins and A Deeper Look at Your Church. I was particularly impressed with his third recommendation, 13 Weeks to Peace: “an excellent tool to help the ‘walking wounded’ and those who need to find emotional maturity.”

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