Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reviewing the Adventist Review

August 9, 2012
Vol. 189, No.22

WORLD NEWS AND PERSPECTIVES is an important section of each magazine. I don’t usually report on its contents because it is available at the online address I provide with every review.

This is a special ASI edition of the Review. And in the best tradition of this volunteer organization, it provides ASI treats for everyone including a charming piece by Dixil Rodriguez, RETURN TO SENDER. If you like sermonizing, there are two: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE LOST by Shawn Boonstra and RE-IMAGINING THE LOST by Anthony Kent.

My favorite article is CLOSER TO THE SOURCE, the entrepreneurial story of One Degree Organic Foods. Their packaging allows the purchaser to FoodsScan the QR code and…not only see all the ingredients pictured, but you can also click through to see short 20-to 30-second videos of the specific farm where the ingredient grew, interviews with the farmer, and photos of processing methods. That’s a sample of the ingenuity and talent that has made the men and women of ASI world famous. It a definite MUST READ.

Enjoy the cover-to-cover experience of the issue by ignoring the bottom of page 28. It’s an advertisement for the book, Homosexuality, Marriage, and the Church, published by Andrews University Press. Homophobia should be anathema to informed Christians. The more "gently and lovingly" presented by Christian sources, the greater the harm.

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