Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder

September 2007

From June 27 through July 7, 1830 congregations and individuals from more than 80 countries prayed together for 10 days. This Operation Global Rain the movement had one purpose: to plead in unity for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Operation global rain was a call to pray at 6:15 a.m. Individuals and families, churches and leaders in 24 time zones around the world were asked pray at 15 minutes after any hour. In addition, OGR participants were asked to dedicate one hour each week to soul winning. Because soul winning activities are also part of the program, it cannot be known whether prayer or soul winning was the active agent in church growth. It’s called, “covering your bet” or words to that effect.

Noted: if you are interested in making a legacy gift to your church, school, or institution and want to receive a lifetime income, a charitable gift annuity may be just the ticket. If you're 70 years old and invested 100,000 in a CGA, you would receive $6,500 a year for the rest of your life. An 80 year old would receive $8,000 a year, and if you are 90 years old or older you get a whopping $11,300 a year. That's an investment that would be hard to beat!

Under the headline Southern California Conference Launches Jewish Ministry, I was delighted to read that interfaith couples can worship together without compromise. A Jewish and Christian spouse can worship together in a respectful context that honors both traditions, without either party feeling pressured to convert. Wow! Times they are a changin’!

Under the headline, Supreme Court Continues Hostility to Religious Liberty and Civil Rights, the Republican dominated Supreme Court has held that the executive branch of the federal government can spend money on religion as it sees fit. No taxpayer can challenge such spending as a violation of the establishment clause. In a second case the court showed its hostility to employment discrimination claims throwing out a claim by Lilly Leadbetter that Goodyear discriminated against her by paying her far less than similarly situated male managers. The court held that Leadbetter's claim was barred by the statute of limitations. Leadbetter argued that her claim was timely because it was filed promptly when she discovered that she was being paid far less than male managers in similar positions. Interesting! Does that mean in the future that SDA’s should vote Democratic?

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