Friday, September 14, 2007

The Ten Commandments?

From the comic Bizarro by Dan Piraro.
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Andy Hanson said...

This cartoon is a more accurate depiction of what happened on Mt. Sinai than you might imagine! See if you don’t agree after taking the Ten Commandments? Quiz. Hint: there may be more than one “right” answer!

1. How many times did Moses climb Mr. Sinai?
2. Did Moses climb the mountain alone? If not, what was the total number of people that climbed with him?
3. How long was his longest stay on the mountain? Did he do it more than once?
4. Where was Moses when God uttered the Ten Commandments? Is there more than one version?
5. How many commandments did God give to Moses on Mt. Sinai?
6. Where was Joshua when Moses received the original tablets of stone?
7. What happened to the Golden Calf when Moses returned?
8. Did God punish Aaron for his role in the Golden Calf debachal?
9. Who first informed Moses that there was a Calf party going on?
10. How was Israel punished for their worship of the Golden Calf?
11. Did Moses ever get a good look at God? If he did, did anyone else?
12. Was there a banquet on Mr. Sinai? If there was, who attended?
13. How many times did Moses persuade God to change his mind?
14. In what capacity did angels assist Israel during and after this time period?
15. When Moses was not on Mt. Sinai, where did he go to speak to God? Who sometimes accompanied him there?
16. What’s wrong with the usual depiction the Ten Commandments Moses carried down from Mr. Sinai?

Answers to these and other astounding facts can be found in Genesis 19-34, Leviticus 7, 25-27, Deuteronomy 5, 9-10, Acts 7