Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reviewing the Adventist Review

April 23, 2009
Vol. 186, No. 12

Issues like this one may be one of the reasons why Lucy Butcher “was saddened to learn that only about three Sabbath school members out of about 25 subscribe to the magazine on a weekly basis”. (Love That Review! Letters) Things started out well with a CREDIBILITY, a MUST READ editorial by Roy Adams, but even the news that Oakwood University repeated as National Champions of the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, didn’t inspire me to stay intellectually engaged as I continued reading.

The reading level in KID’S VIEW was uneven, and when I read that the magazine was being sent to “all third through sixth graders across North America”, I cringed. The third graders I know are breezing through Watership Down and the Harry Potter series. Winona and Kimberly, I suggest that the magazine as currently constituted should target a second grade audience.

TINY DISCIPLES, MIGHTY SERVANTS OF GOD, by Joel Henderson, asks the question, “How does the Kids in Discipleship ministry turn out Warriors for Christ?” Turning kids into “warriors” or “evangelists” is not my idea of a healthy thing for children or parents. Time would be better spent playing soccer or softball or going on picnics and camping trips with friends.

Jimmy Phillips continues suggest practical ways to keep young adults involved in the Adventist Church. In UNFORGETTABLE LEADERSHIP, he asks pastors and church leaders to get to know us, empower us, and position us so that we can learn necessary leadership skills. “By giving us responsibilities in the church you offer us the chance to gain—and share—a different perspective.”

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