Friday, November 2, 2007

Cosmic Crackpot?

by Andy Hanson

The editorial, COSMIC CRACKPOT, in the October 25, Review, is classic Clifford Goldstein—arrogant and in-your-face. Cliff, I’ve been reading your book, “The Mules That Angels Ride”, and the story of your conversion brings to mind Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. That experience changed him from a very traditional Jew into a radically liberal Christian. Your conversion experience was a similarly startling event, but it changed you from a very liberal Jew into a radically traditional Adventist! The Holy Spirit works in amazing ways, and I’m convinced that your ministry is important in ways I have yet to understand. As a potential friend and Adventist brother, I offer this, my own rather arrogant suggestion: hang around with Stephen Chavez and Carlos Medley a little more. You might discover that you can “come in from the cold”.

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