Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Can I Say? Wes is One of My Oldest Friends and Influentual Critics

Andy, For many long years I've been checking your old SDA Perspective site and not a creature or culture was stirring, not a peep, bleat or pixel, a still coffin, waiting. Goldstein and E.G.W. moved upon the earth unmolested, in those days. But finally the trumpet soundeth and the dead cometh forth, grave clothes thrown aside and mantle freshened, blogging reviews of the "Review" and recaptioned comics all over the place like daffodils in the spring. Alas, a very miracle. The resurrection. With you and so many other ProgAdvs rising from the ground to apotheosis, the real resurrection yet to come could be anticlimax. Congratulations! It is proper, isn't it, to congratulate one upon his resurrection? I let your recent birthday go by but not your resurrection.


The Guindon cartoon is an affectionate gift to Wes Kime, a brilliant artist, pen and ink master, wonderful cartoonist, talented wordsmith, and friend. Needless to say, I constantly beg him for more material. How about begging him with me?

Our friendship began way back in “Perspective” days when he volunteered his time as an illustrator and poet. We were reunited when Claudia and I visited my son, Jonathan, when he was stationed at Wright Paterson Air Base in Dayton.

He illustrated “The Badge”, an essay I wrote for “Perspective”, and rewrote the first paragraph in the bargain. I photographed his three-dimensional work of art; I refuse to take it out of the frame, picture quality be . . . not withstanding.


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