Friday, November 2, 2007

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder

November, 2007

General Comment
It drives me crazy to see pictures of people without names. Come on, Editors, require names when fewer than twenty people pose for the camera!

DINNER BENEFITS ADRA’S KEEP GIRLS SAFE PROJECT Readers may not know that Tehachapi is a small community near the summit of the mountains between LA and Bakersfield. More than 90 guests attended a fundraiser that raised more than $10,000! Amazing!

AIDS ORPHANS TO JUMP FOR JOY was an article submitted by the wife of cousin of mine, Linda Fattic. As she says, the faces of her students pictured with the article reflect “the joy of making a small difference to some of those not-forgotten children of the Lord”.

LIVING WATER, INVITING OTHERS TO COME AND DRINK by Jim Pedersen, President of the Northern California Conference, makes the refreshing comment, “There’s enough of His living water for everyone”.

BELLY FAT IS NO LAUGHING MATTER is informative and well written. Thank you, Dynnette and Kenneth Hart.

CALIFORNIA AGENCY REPRESENTS UNDOCUMENTED ADVENTIST IN DISCRIMINATION CASE This legal settlement may upset some readers. An unnamed, undocumented member of an unnamed Hispanic Adventist church, defended by an attorney employed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, won a Sabbath work discrimination case.

PACIFIC UNION CALLS FOR VIDEO UPLOADS Evangelism Outreach, Church Nurture, Unique Support Ministries, and Mission Projects can be uploaded, thanks to services provided by You Tube. Check it out.

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