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A Morning at the Rwandan Genocide Museum

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Hi Andy,

I am in the airport on Sunday afternoon waiting to come home. I spent this morning at the Rwandan Genocide Museum. This museum tells the history of Rwanda and the colonial government actions that cause class distinctions that became the causes of class warfare and final the hell of the genocide. It also shows other genocides and the hell that other marginalized people have gone through. The site also serves as a cemetery by consecration of a number of the mass graves in the area.

ADRA and the American Red Cross had positive write-ups in the narrative as these were the only NGO's that stayed and tried to help. Some of the services these two organizations performed were truely heroic.

However, on the whole, the Christian Churches (particularly Catholic and Adventist) through their ministers performed some of the worst atrocities that occured. These ministers led the killing of congregents who sought sanctuary in the church. Tens of thousands were killed in places that should have been shelters. Much of this was recounted in Spectrum 25 vol. 4 (June 1996) in an article by Alita Byrd entitled Rwanda Slaughter.

Some of the ministers did receive judicial punishment after peace was restored but they may face a worse punishment in the judgement day (without their seeking the forgiveness of God). I know that not all ministers are enpowered by the Holy Spirit, but this museum shows that unless the Spirit is in control, we can all be devils.

The thing is that I am a believer in the veracity of the end time events that EGW writes about in Great Controversy and now see that these events can happen anywhere in the world where Satan is in control. How they will come to the US, I cannot anticipate (or when) but I am sure they will happen an certainly there is an atomosphere that some could interpret as it could happen soon. When it does, I now see that it will be a hell on earth and only God's protection will save us. I hope this increases my prayer life, my seeking Him an! d final ly helps my work with ADRA to try to help delay the winds of strife.

Chris Evans is an accountant who works for ADRA.

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