Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where All the Flowers Have Gone

This is the Bone Yard Near Davis Monthan Air Force Base In Tucson, Arizona. Unbelievably, this picture shows only one part of the "Yard".

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Andy Hanson said...

Chris Evans has emailed me the following comment. Andy

While D-M is the bone yard of old planes (some dateing back to the Korean War) there is a number of bone yards for decommissioned Navy Ships. One the USS Triton was decommissioned in 1969 but is only now being cut up for salvage. We need defense (see the preamble to the Constitution) and some ships and planes needed for possible reactivation. But this is a waste of manpower and funds to keep the amount we do in any military bone yard. The time is come for a genuine overhaul of all things miltary. It cannot solve all our problems but at the moment it is to dependent on too many competing powers and this cannot help the country at all.