Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Political Environment is a Most Hostile Place

The following words are from an essay by Jan Paulsen in the November 9, 1996, Adventist Review.

“Openness means to be transparently genuine. You are clear in what you say, and where you stand is understood. In contrast to political posturing . . . openness does not operate with a range of private agendas that must somehow be accommodated. . .But a political environment is a most hostile place in which to spend your days, for in that environment all those around you are strangers. You may well know their names, you may well listen to their speeches, you may even sit next to them, yet you will all be strangers, each not really knowing the other person. Openness, by definition, is transparent, genuine, nonthreatening.”

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Comic from Rubes, by Leigh Rubin

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