Thursday, October 25, 2007

An Awkward Silence

Modified from the book Big Science, by Nick Downes
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Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Sabbath, a few years ago the Review did an article about this company LLT and their Sabbath documentary project. It's done and was showing on Hope channel a couple months back. Just curious what you think of it and our churches preoccupation with Sabbath issues....

Andy Hanson said...

I'm just glad someone finally commented on this cartoon. I think is one of my best "modifications".

Our dogmatic assertion that the seventh-day Sabbath observance is the mark of the “remnant church” is not biblical or Christian. Paul makes that clear. In addition, the idea is silly. We live on a round world, our church recognizes the International Date Line, and the sundown to sundown “Sabbath hours” have been officially abandoned in countries and populations in the Far Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

I personally believe that the Sabbath is not an arbitrary test of obedience. Paul’s words proclaim that Christians are free to honor God in different and very personal ways. It is this “mindful honoring” that is the essence of Sabbath keeping. As Paul intimates, the Sabbath is a state of mind, not a test of Christian discipleship.