Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reviewing Adventist World

August 2007

Kudos to Reinder Bruinsma. His essay “All in Your Mind” is the stuff that keeps me reading the Adventist Review and holding on to my Church membership. His quote, “There must always be a close relationship knowing and doing, believing and obeying.” Amen

Check out the National Geographic article for yourself. “Was Darwin Wrong?” You don’t need that eminent scientist, Shawn Boostra, to critique it for you. Where does the full color, full page advertisement mention the Gospel commission? Who pays for stuff like this? Who are the people who are attracted by this type of advertising?

“First the Cross, Then the Crown” was selected by the editors of the Heritage page to honor James White, co-founder of the Adventist Church and husband of Ellen G. According to James, the Final Judgment was “fast approaching” in 1868. How is this statement to be interpreted by readers, especially non-Adventists, across the world?

Kudos also to John Kolessar from Warren, Ohio, who wrote the letter to the editors, “A Bowl of Cashews Riding on a Swine”. He makes the absolutely vital point that we incorrectly understand words and arrive ridiculous interpretations “when we try to read the Bible using our perceptions and modern understandings.”

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Anonymous said...

John kolessar is a fraud. If hes so biblical how did he have a child at 18 and now 21 years later still not to have met her because he didnt want to meet her