Sunday, October 7, 2007

Reviewing Adventist World

October, 2007

The “Church Works” segment was informative and interesting. For the first time in 48 years, Adventist young people were allowed to travel outside Cuba. Their destination was a convention in Medellin, Colombia.

Jan Paulsen’s essay, “The Healthy Church”, was doctrinally inclusive and encouragingly progressive in substance and tone.

Drs. Handysides and Landless’ “World Health” alert regarding XDR Tuberculosis was, as usual, timely and informative.

“Celebrity Culture” by David N. Marshall was insightful and a MUST READ.

Boonstra’s “It Is Written’s” full-page advert was tasteful and Gospel oriented! Hopefully this signals a permanent change in both his evangelistic emphasis and advertising.

References to the “remnant church” and “the last days” seem to me to confuse rather than clarify the Gospel Message. The excerpt from Arthur G. Daniells’ book, “The Abiding Gift of Prophecy”, was cliché-riddled and almost unreadable.

Angel M. Rodriguez in his essay, “God of the Undeserving”, told me more than I cared to know about eunuchs.

Editors, what on earth inspired you to include Mark Finley’s Bible studies in your magazine? His evangelistic efforts trivialize the Gospel message and seriously damage the credibility of your magazine. In his current “study”, Jesus’ current location in Heaven is assumed to be of worldwide importance. That notion boggles the mind.

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