Saturday, October 6, 2007

Reviewing the Pacific Union Recorder

October, 2007

Lots of newsy, community relation pieces. Way to go!

Holbrook has a highly educated Native American principal! What an unselfish and admirable posting for someone universities all over the US would give their eyeteeth to employ at a top salary. Janet Claymore-Ross, you are my hero! I’ll suggest your name for Education Secretary when Hillary becomes the next President. No kidding!

Mark Carr’s essay, “What’s In It for Me?” is “good as gold”.

Way to go, PUC! For the fourteen consecutive year, you have been rated “as among the best educational institutions in the country". As an alumnus, Class of ’63, you continue to make me “proud as punch!”

(Note the expressions all you UK residents and former British colonial subjects. I’m an anglophile at heart.)

Good news! Our North American Religious Liberty Association has launched a blog that discusses Supreme Court Decisions, election campaigns, the war on terror, hate crimes, hate speech (No calling the Pope the Antichrist), and “several other topics”. Their blog address:

Finally, what’s up with the back cover? “100% Chance of ‘LATTER RAIN”? It’s predicted for October 12-14 when thousands of Adventists in the Pacific Union are going to pray at the same time, and by force of numbers will require God to bring it about. I’m sure God will do it. Just check the next Recorder for proof that I can forecast the future.

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