Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reviewing Spectrum

Spectrum / Fall 2006

This issue is worth reading. The editorial dialogue made the basic doctrinal conflicts of the Adventist Church clear. Charles Scriven was in top form and comes very close to expressing my position on biblical authority

Alexander Carpenter does a great job of editing important blog conversations.

Mary K. McLeod's poem, “Dreaming”, speaks directly to the silliness of the church's position regarding women and ordination. It's disheartening to see “Women as the Daughters of God” as the title of an article in Spectrum.

“Living on Empty” by Andrea Trusty King was a disappointment. She turned Ruth, the oasis of the Old Testament, into just another Bible story.

Malcolm Bull and Keith Lockhart's, “Authority and Identity”, is a beautifully written, timely history of the Adventist Church. It is fortunate indeed that the Adventist Church has attracted the attention of such outstanding historians.

As a graduate of Pacific Union College, I “got” the title, “Ten Miles from the Nearest Sin”. What would bother me most about the book is the author’s use of the words, End Time Church, instead of Adventist Church. What does Margie Sabah Schutte think is going to happen to her if she names names? She doesn’t work for the Church!

I don't know what to make of “Two Baptisms” by Gary Gilbert. I kept waiting for something to happen.

I woke up this morning with the notion of what I wanted to say to John McDowell.

thou shall not explain
a rose
or rain

The poems that follow John's essay, “Creating the Image of God”, which includes his own poem, speak eloquently for themselves.

“The Diary of a Ministerial Intern” by Kevin Osborn is depressing in the extreme. I agree with William Noel when he answers in the affirmative, “Is Evangelism Preventing Church Growth”.

I belong to Grace Connection , a small group of Seventh-day Adventists and other Christians who meet on Sabbath afternoon in a Congregational Church. I agree with Kellner and Rowe that small groups should be the focus of “Evangelism and Witness”.

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Alexander Carpenter said...

Thanks for the Spectrum review. We've some good -- even provocative -- articles coming up.

Anonymous said...

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